A Bexley gardener has picked a foot-shaped strawberry which caused a stir on social media this afternoon.

Tony Kemp picked the "rare foot/toe strawberry picked fresh today" and posted the picture on Twitter for all to see. 

It's not the first time mishapen strawberries have caused a stir on the News Shopper patch. 

Last July an unusual penis-shaped strawberry caused s-creams of laughter when a Dartford mother found it growing on her vegetable plot.

Carole Collen discovered the strawberry resembling the shape of a penis growing in her garden in East Hill.

The 52-year-old told News Shopper: “I thought oh my word!

“I showed the family and they thought it was very funny.

“Who would have thought it would grow like that? It is just puzzling.

“We were quite shocked.”