A jogger has been savaged by a crow while running through an Eltham park - sparking fears of a fresh wave of bird attacks.

Eltham Park South achieved national fame in 2010 after News Shopper revealed how an angry crow with a taste for blondes was picking off fair-haired female joggers.

Until this month, locals had assumed the danger had passed, with no recorded incidents for four years - even in the spring when crows can get protective over their young.

News Shopper: Sarah Green recreates the incident

Sarah Green - the latest victim

But all that has changed after Sarah Green was chased around the park on May 26, with reports that an elderly woman has also fallen victim to her taloned tormentor.

Ms Green, 35, of Castlewood Drive, said: "It swooped down very fast, landed on my head and started pecking away.

"It was the shock of it. It felt quite big and strong. I was shaking my head and flapping my arms and trying to get it off me. It had its claws in my hair. It was quite hard to shake it off."

News Shopper: Crow attack terror returns to Eltham after jogger savaged by bird

Sinister - the crow

Ms Green, who was jogging to train for the Tough Mudder endurance race, admitted nothing had prepared her for the experience on May 26 as the crow then came at her a second time "harder and faster", tearing away the bobble holding her hair in place.

She said: "I saw a guy with a dog and ran over to him for a bit of safety in numbers.  Luckily, as I moved away from the tree it didn't pursue me a third time.

"The man told me 'you're not the first and you won't be the last'."

Ms Green was not injured by the crow but, on returning home, searched for other attacks online - and was astonished to discover News Shopper's previous story detailing similar attacks at the same spot.

She said: "It's certainly put me off running around the park. I think I'm going to stick to the roads for a wee while."

"Crows just don't like me"

Fellow crow attack victim Edna Lunt, who was attacked in her Catford garden back in 2010, has warned the mental scars can take longer to heal.

News Shopper: Edna Lunt recreated her terror for News Shopper in 2010

Edna Lunt recreates the Catford crow attack in 2010

The 81-year-old dancer said: "The crows are still here. There are three of them. My man friend, he always says to me 'they're your mates'.

"But they're not. I don't know why it is but they just don't like me. They come down and caw at me. We reckon it's because of my blonde hair."

She added: "Sometimes when I go out the front door they start squawking at me. Now when I open the door and they're out there I shut it again quickly.

"Once you've been attacked it really puts you off."

"You'll never find him"

"He lives over there," said an Eltham cafe worker, pointing towards a clump of trees before shouting after me: "You'll never find him. You're not a woman - and you're not blonde."

News Shopper: Crow attack terror returns to Eltham after jogger savaged by bird

News Shopper asked the question on everyone's lips in 2010

Last Friday I waited for several hours to see Eltham's notorious crow in action but he failed to swoop, despite rumours an elderly woman had also just been attacked.

I even attempted to lure him down by doing a few light jogs around the trees. But he just stayed in the branches - eyeing me suspiciously.

Other joggers stayed warily away, keeping to the other paths, presumably warned in advance that Eltham's most dangerous predator had returned.

I sat down on the nearest bench and the crow landed on some fencing behind me, cawing menacingly before flying off across the park, perhaps searching for another victim.