A Bromley estate’s only pub that has been closed for 18 months is set to reopen in time for the World Cup.

The Downham Tavern shut down last year following police raids in which 20 people were arrested for offences involving drugs and firearm possession.

Now new manager Julia Edwards, 50, is moving in after local lads Tommy Noone, 66, and his sons bought the lease on a non-tied tenancy.

Ms Edwards said she and the team want to give something back to Downham and hopes to dispel the pub’s bad public image.

She explained: "We want people to know that it’s going to be a nice community pub, somewhere where people can come in and have a drink and some food.

"It’s going to be a totally rebranded - we want to take it forward.

"It’s going to be really nice and I can’t wait until we’re up and running. We hope to be open in time for the World Cup, but it’s dependant on a few things."

The establishment, owned by Enterprise Inns, had its licence suspendedand previous landlord removed in March 2013, with police at the time describing an unacceptable level of criminality.

But Ms Edwards stressed "big changes" were coming into force, mentioning that the newly refurbished premises will be no place for "naughtiness".

She also noted The Downham Tavern is the only pub in an estate with a population of nearly 30,000.

Having worked in the industry since 17 the new landlady has high hopes for the enterprise and added: "We’re having major work - everything’s being done.

"We’re having it painted, outdoor paving is being put in, and there’s a florist doing outdoor plants.

"It was a really rough old place. We’re going to be doing things differently - that’s what we’re trying to portray. We’re not going to accept any bad behaviour.

"There are 29,000 people on this estate and they’ve got nowhere to drink."

A 'soft opening' is planned for the Downham Tavern on Saturday June 7. Stay up to date on our website: newsshopper.co.uk

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