Nearly 1,000 people have signed a petition calling for a military museum to remain in Woolwich.

Firepower at the Woolwich Arsenal is set to leave the borough by 2017, blaming low visitor numbers.

The buildings are due to be used by Greenwich Council to create a 'heritage and cultural quarter' for the area.

However, an online petition against the move has quickly attracted support. The petition reads: "To close this wonderful and historic place forever, and to exile its matchless Collections to inaccessible obscurity, would be a local and national travesty.

"It would also, we believe, amount to a direct offence to all those who have served this great country in the Royal Artillery, and whose efforts seem now to be deemed unworthy of honouring.

"Please do not allow Firepower to close or to disappear from Woolwich for good."

To sign, visit the epetitions website