A young woman from Downham has written a digital booklet and gained support from her MP to help others suffering from a rare mental condition.

Steph McCrudden, 22, was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) five years ago and was frustrated by the lack of information available.

Her condition affects less than one per cent of the population and Ms McCrudden found resources for those with the condition hard to come by.

Now she has published ‘BDP and Me: A Young Person’s Guide to Borderline Personality Disorder’ to raise awareness and give guidance to others.

MP for Lewisham East, Heidi Alexander, said: “Her e-booklet is very impressive. It deals with a complicated subject in an easily understandable way.

“Whilst BPD is rare, I’m sure the booklet will be a source of great help and support to young people across the UK who are struggling to make sense of their condition.”

Symptoms of the condition include difficulties in controlling certain impulses, feelings of not fitting or belonging, and a deep sense of emptiness and isolation.

Ms McCrudden explained: “I hope that my story will encourage others to seek help if they think they have the disorder, and encourage those with the condition to share their stories and support one another.

“I want to help others accept that, yes, you may have got BPD but you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. It can’t stop you having a life.

“When I was diagnosed my family and I had no help or support and this is what gave me the spirit to complete this project.”

The Bromley woman worked with Fixers, a charity that helps 16-25 year-olds tackle issues such as self-harm and suicide, to put the e-booklet together.

It can be read here.