A Sidcup resident has spoken of being "trapped in her own home" because of council regeneration works in the town.

Doreen Payne, aged 62 of Belton Road told News Shopper she is now loathed to leave home in the car as the improvement works have made her routes to everyday haunts like the gym "dangerous" and "confusing."

News Shopper: In order to ease congestion Bexley Council temporarily opened up one-way street, Hadlow Road to two-way traffic.

Mrs Payne said: "They made Hadlow Road into a two-way road but on May 16 a sign appeared to say this will be one-way again.

"What's happening is that some people are still going up there and turning round.

"Someone is going to get killed before too long - this is a major problem."

Mrs Payne spoke to Bexley Council who advised her to be patient.

She added: "These works have been going on for months.

"They have blocked off the left turn on a busy junction towards Black Horse Road - it makes it difficult to get anywhere.

"You're trapped in your own home."

News Shopper:

Traffic and public space improvements in Sidcup started in the High Street on January 20 and are expected to finish in September.

A Bexley Council spokesman said: "The normal one-way signs have now been put back and arrows have been temporarily painted on the road along the length of Hadlow Road, but we will look at putting up extra signs to ensure drivers are aware Hadlow Road is now back to one-way.

"However, it may be that some drivers are treating it as two-way intentionally, to avoid the diversion.

"We are asking the local police if they can provide some support on site to discourage this behaviour.

"Residents and businesses are encouraged to register at sidcup@bexley.gov.uk to receive email bulletins on progress and traffic changes.

"A series of letters and leaflets have been delivered to the residents and businesses, to directly notify them of key changes."