A teenage girl has spoken of her anger and embarrassment after she found her Fiat Punto wrapped up in cling film.

Katherine Moredaunt, 18, who is a pupil at Bexley Grammar School in Welling, uses her car everyday to get from her family home in Eltham to school.

But on the last day of term (Wednesday, May 14) she decided to leave the car park in Danson Road and go for celebratory drinks at the Turnpike Pub in Welling town centre.

The next day the teenager returned to find the car wrapped in cling film, trapping lots of her school books she needed to use to revise for her impended A Level exams.

It was the third incident in recent weeks where the News Shopper has pictures of a cars being wrapped up in tape and cling film.

Miss Moredaunt told News Shopper: "I would normally drive straight home but as it was the last day of term we all went for a few drinks to celebrate.

"It was obviously done overnight because when I returned it was wrapped up.

"I was so annoyed when I saw it, I saw the one wrapped up in the red tape at Bluewater and thank goodness it wasn't that bad.

"I just felt really embarrassed because people kept staring at me as I was trying to get it off.

"I laughed about it afterwards but at the time it was just ridiculous. I could understand if it was a mate playing a prank but for a random person to do it is just very strange.

"I just hope these people don't do it to an elderly person who really needs their car in an emergency."