A man has made an official complaint against the police after his Belvedere flat was searched for cannabis.

Sam Missons, of Lower Park Road, claims he was handcuffed after at least ten officers entered his property while he suffered an epileptic fit.

The 32-year-old, who admits smoking four spliffs a day and spending £30 a week on the drug, says he feels like he is being "targeted" by the police after being searched three times.

Mr Missons told News Shopper: "There were about ten policemen who used a battering ram to get into the flat.

"I was behind the door telling them to stop. When they came in they told me to tie up my dog Jess because they didn't know if she was dangerous.

"They came to the flat because they thought I was a dealer.

"They only found a little bud, I just keep enough for myself. 

"I feel like I am being targeted because this is now the third time it has happened to me. I have been trying to cut down how much I smoke but I do it to calm me down.

"My doctor has said not to come completely off it because it would do me more damage."

Mr Missons claims while he was handcuffed and the officers were searching the flat he said he felt like he was going to have an epileptic fit and for the handcuffs to be removed during the incident on Thursday at 8.50am. 

He added: "I told them that I could feel my face and arms twinging and that I was going to have a fit.

"They called me a liar, I was in the cuffs for about eight minutes.

"I feel like I am being constantly targeted. I feel like I just need to be able to do the weed to help my health.

"People can get it in America, I do it inside and don't do it outside, I just want to be left alone."

Mr Missons says he suffers from epilepsy, cerebral palsy, brittle bones, asthma, diabetes and eczema.

A spokesman for Bexley Police said: "Officers from Bexley Police executed a search warrant at an address in Lower Park Road, Belvedere at 8:50am on Thursday, May 15 under Section 23 of the Misuse of drugs Act 1971.

"When officers entered the address the occupier was asked to secure his dog and was then handcuffed as the premises was searched to ensure that there was no-one else present. "The handcuffs were subsequently removed when he was found to be the sole occupier.

"As the property was being searched for drugs the man stated that he had a number of ailments and was offered medical attention, which he declined. "The man was offered further medical attention after becoming agitated and punching a table, but again declined.

"A small quantity of cannabis was found hidden in a safe at the address and was seized by officers for destruction.

"A 32-year-old man was subsequently issued with a cannabis warning after admitting possession of the drugs.

"Any complaints received by the police will be fully investigated."