A Barnehurst supermarket customer ended up with a £1,900 bill after accidentally driving into a metal post he says shouldn’t be there.

Colin Goodrich, 69, stopped off at Sainsbury’s Local in Erith Road and parked his black Nissan Note in one of the shop’s four off-street parking spaces.

Having got what he needed, the retired fishmonger got back in his car and was pulling out onto the main road when he heard that sickening crunching sound all drivers fear.

The father-of-one told News Shopper: “At first you think you’re stupid because you’ve hit someone’s post but it shouldn’t be there.

“You just can’t see that post when you’re pulling out and turning left into the road.

News Shopper:

The damage to Colin's car. 

“It’s three or four feet into where you would drive.”

Colin, who lives in Wynford Way, Eltham, has been quoted £1,890 to replace a front wing and door panel on his car.

When he complained to Sainsbury’s about the offending cylinder he was told the incident on April 11 was his fault and the supermarket chain was not liable for his whacking repair bill.

Colin, who used to run a fish stall at Swanley market, claims the three foot removable post should be got rid of as it is covered in multi-coloured paint stains from where other drivers have come a cropper.

He said: “There are more cars that have hit it and it must have cost people a fortune.

News Shopper:

The Sainsbury's Local with Colin's car on the right. 

“Other people might be embarrassed – young ladies who have gone away having sustained all this damage but don’t want a row.

“If I raise it maybe these people will come forward.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesman said: “While we are sorry Mr Goodrich damaged his car we have investigated this incident and do not believe we are at fault.

“We installed the posts following advice from the council who said they would make the car park safer for customers and motorists and we haven’t had any other complaints or accidents since they were installed in August 2012.”