Meet the doctors and patients of a Lewisham GP surgery in a "touching" and ‘funny’ TV show offering a glimpse of life behind closed doors.

St Johns Medical Centre is filmed for a four-part documentary GPs: Behind Closed Doors to show the pressures and time constraints on NHS staff.

News Shopper: Spencer Sheppard, on GPs: Behind Closed Doors

On the show, Dr Chrisanthan Ferdinand, or Ferdy, and Dr Jean Parker treat patients including a recovering addict, a woman struggling with depression, and a patient suffering after eating too much crocodile meat.

Dr Ferdy said: "It gives a good representation of the problems we deal with but it doesn’t give an impression of the intensity of the work we do.

“It has its unique challenges, but I think that is what makes it an enjoyable job.

"I think we think of ourselves as a St Johns’ family.

"The other great thing is the patients.

"Their willingness to share their stories was a real credit to them. Our patients are pulling in the same direction as us to promote the greatness of GP surgeries."

A snapshot of some of the characters on the show.

News Shopper: Some of the doctors at St Johns Medical Centre, Dr Chrisanthan Ferdinand pictured front left, Dr Jean Parker pictured front right

Dr Jean Parker: “I think that knowing your patients is very important as a GP because of the time constraints you have to act very quickly.

“If you know your patients and they come in looking particularly thin, or pale you know there must be something wrong.”

News Shopper: Amanda with Dr Ferdy, on GPs: Behind Closed Doors

Amanda who suffers from chronic hand and neck pain, diabetes and high blood pressure, and is fighting her corner at the job centre.

“I know that I am never going to work again because when my hands are bad, they are bad.”

News Shopper: Spencer Sheppard with Dr Ferdy, on GPs: Behind Closed Doors

Recovering drug addict Spencer Sheppard who has broken his ribs.

News Shopper: Bertin Koulai, with trainee GP Dr Sam Savage, on GPs: Behind Closed Doors

Bertin Koulai, with trainee GP Dr Sam Savage. Dr Savage: "But what happened was you submitted a urine sample, but it was meant to be a poo sample so we kind of haven’t really moved on, but it isn’t a problem."

Mr Koulai: "What is poo?"

The next GPs: Behind Closed Doors episode airs on Channel 5 on Tuesday at 9pm.