A candidate for the local elections has denied using the words "Save Lewisham Hospital" on his nomination papers is misleading or controversial.

Lewisham People Before Profit (PbP) have registered the name People Before Profit - Save Lewisham Hospital, despite not being backed by the official campaign.

And the list of nominated candidates for next month's local elections show one PbP representative for Lewisham Central ward - Richard Proctor - appears under that name.

People Before Profit say they registered the name to stop other people "hijacking" it - and deny they have hijacked it themselves.

Mr Proctor said he was relaxed about using the words, saying he designed many of the campaign posters and placards.

He said: "The contribution I'd made to the campaign was such that I didn't feel that I don't feel embarrassed about using the slogan."

Mr Proctor added: "It's actually in the campaign's interests for me to be elected as a councillor because I'll be putting their side in the council."

And he went on: "As People Before Profit, as a group, the amount that we've done, we should be acknowledged. Not that we seek acknowledgement, but I think acknowledgement should be due."

The campaign said in a statement: "We are not endorsing any candidate standing in the local elections on May 22.

"Moreover ,we are specifically not endorsing the candidate in Lewisham Central ward who has registered his electoral name as People Before Profit - Save Lewisham Hospital.

"We feel the use of the campaign name on ballot papers is potentially confusing as voters may consider this indicates campaign endorsement and we wish to make it completely clear this is not the case."

The full list of candidates for the council and Mayor of Lewisham are available to view at lewisham.gov.uk