A woman was sworn at by a Mercedes driver following yet another crash at the new Albion Road junction in Bexleyheath.

Graham and his wife were on their way back from the post office yesterday at 10.21am when they stopped at a pedestrian crossing near the roundabout to let a man cross the road.

While waiting they were hit from behind by a black Mercedes car before Mrs Nicklas, who was driving, got out to inspect the damage.

Mr Nicklas, aged 46, of Yorkland Avenue, Blackfen, said: “The guy in the Mercedes got out of his car and was quite abusive to my wife.

“He said: ‘why are you f***king stopping at the roundabout? Have you not seen the stories in the News Shopper about the new junction?’

“I then got out of the car and said ‘If you had read the story in News Shopper properly you should have known there was a new crossing’.

“He shut up after that because I am a lot bigger than him.”

Mr Nicklas says Bexley Council has not put enough thought into the planning of the junction and that there are near misses every week.

The father-of-one added: “I had warned my wife about the new layout but it doesn’t make any difference if people are going to drive into the back of you.

“When it’s wet it is particularly bad because you can’t see the lines properly.

“I have spoken to lots of other drivers who have had problems because they don’t see the crossing.”

Last month News Shopper reported how Welling’s Francis White was hospitalised after a car drove into the back of him at the same junction.

He too had paused to allow a pedestrian to cross at the pedestrian crossing.