ONESIES will go the way of the shell suit to become our most regretted fashion item, according to research.

A massive 61 per cent of people quizzed by Intu Lakeside said they regretted the shell suit and half think they will feel the same way about the all-in-one suit in a decade.

The shopping centre commissioned the research into styles we’ll never forget to celebrate its Elephant Parade Exhibition from May 5 to June 1.

Intu’s personal stylist Angela Poplett said: “The reason onesies have been voted the item of clothing people think they’ll regret is because they are ‘lazy fashion’.

“Whether you’re male or female (or Cheryl Cole) onesies, like shell suits in the eighties, are unflattering on the figure and takes comfort dressing to the extreme.

“Leave your onesies in the wardrobe this spring and invest in current trends such as pastel tones, high-waisted midi skirts and metallic accessories which won’t cause embarrassment in the future and will flatter your body shape too.”

Top 5 most regretted fashion trends from the past

Shell suits (61 per cent)

Shoulder pads (46 per cent)

Leg warmers (27 per cent)

Bell bottoms (23 per cent)

Kipper ties (25 per cent)

Top 5 fashion trends predicted to be regretted in 10 years time

Onesies (50 per cent)

Animal print (25 per cent)

Jumpsuits (21 per cent)

Leggings (18 per cent)

Sheepskin boots (16 per cent)