Animal rights campaigners in Bromley are set to protest the human consumption of milk tomorrow (Saturday April 5).

Members from Passive Pressure Animal Group (PPAG) want to open “peoples’ eyes to the heartbreaking suffering” of cows and will be raising awareness of the “forgotten mothers” outside the Metro Bank on Bromley high street between 11am-3pm.

The group says the event is to “dispel the myth of contentment and reveal why the dairy cow truly is the hardest-worked of all mothers”.

Those involved will tell the public that milk is the breast milk of an animal and we are not supposed to drink it, while also asserting it is bad for our health.

PPAG’s Sara Charania said: “It’s time to see dairy milk for what it is – breast milk of another species meant for their newborns.

“People can only ever consume cow’s milk, organic or not, it if the calf is removed. One hundred thousand male calves are shot (or killed in another manner) each year whilst females replace their mothers in the system.

“People often don’t realise we’re not meant to drink milk of another species and that it’s not even healthy. The dairy industry will always claim otherwise but it’s nothing more than advertising.”

PPAG claims female cows have to give birth to a calf every year to keep milk flowing, with newborns being taken away almost straight away.

It also adds the animal has to produce 39 litres of milk a day, before at the age of five is slaughtered for cheap beef.

Campaigners are set to adorn aprons, rubber gloves, and other household props to reflect the plight - and will be handing out leaflets and holding placards to trumpet their beliefs.

The event is a part of Viva” Health’s White Lies campaign, which works to try to stop humans eating and drinking dairy products due to negative health impacts.

It is encouraging people to take up alternatives such as almond, soya, and coconut milk to end what PPAG see as animal cruelty.

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