A selection of profound musings from the esteemed editor of News Shopper.

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But, whenever someone jumps from a motorway bridge, particularly the Dartford Crossing, or leaps in front of a train, particularly a fast-moving one at a station, the disruption for thousands of people is intolerable.'Safe' zones for suicides away from Dartford Crossing and train stations?

Now, before the letters/emails/tweets/general abuse start, I know childbirth is no walk in the park.Why childbirth is tough on dads as well as mums

News Shopper: Did they have it right in days gone by? Maternal family members at the birth, while dad stayed away to prepare for the homecoming

Jeremy Forrest didn’t hurt anyone. And before anyone starts bleating on about an abuse of trust, using his position etc, I get all of that ... His career is already shot and he’s not going to be a danger to anyone else, so where’s the justice?Jeremy Forrest's only crime was falling in love

Suddenly Murray’s achievements paled into insignificance as I realised the biggest question we all face is how to control our own population before we self-destruct.Questions on age, population control and Andy Murray

At this point, mistakenly and much to my later cost, I thought to myself: “This is too easy, it’s a piece of p***”. - Could News Shopper's editor organise a p***-up in a brewery?

News Shopper: News Shopper editor Andy Parkes gets hands on

As part of his stage act Magical, as I now know him, somehow combines escapology with break dancing. Sadly our new magical friend was carrying a groin injury meaning his full stage show was impossibility – actually, thinking about it, there was nowhere near the space required in the crowded bar either.Could News Shopper's editor organise a p***-up in a brewery?

To all my fans at the BBC, I do appreciate the publicity, but you’re still part of the most arrogant, self-seeking and pretentious organisation on earth.Make sports facilities free for children

My brother tells me that within the space of a week two people he knows both shot and killed themselves ...One apparently planned things well, notes, phone messages to loved ones and one clean shot. The other poor fellow got it wrong and took six hours to bleed to death before being found in his kitchen.Suicide should be debated

Now, I’m not saying it’s wrong for the man to be there, but it’s now almost impossible for him to say no, whatever he thinks ... Obviously already emotionally charged and deprived of sleep, he will then face seeing the person he loves most in the world subjected to the most painful and traumatic ordeal and yet be powerless to do anything about it. This can have a profound and lasting effect on the man.Why childbirth is tough on dads as well as mums

I’ve only been racially-abused once, though I did get a lot of flack at school about the size of my ears.Ginger abuse and ribbing of redheads is not on

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