A "nightmare" section of Deptford road which has seen a string of serious cycling accidents has been forgotten about - along with the rest of south east London - by Boris Johnson, it is claimed.

London Assembly Member Darren Johnson has made a call for action during a site visit to Deptford Broadway.

He was joined by the Lewisham Cyclists group, who have made a series of videos showing just how terrifying the neighbouring junction at Deals Gateway is for those on two wheels, with several near misses caught on camera.

Meanwhile, shocking figures show five cyclists were seriously injured or killed on Deptford Broadway from 2008 to 2012.

Deptford Broadway and Deals Gateway has previously appeared on a Transport for London list of 100 dangerous junctions in the capital, alongside Eltham's Well Hall roundabout,  Shooters Hill Road and Stratheden Road, plus Catford's Bromley Road and Canadian Avenue.

News Shopper: Darren Johnson and cyclists brave Deptford's rush hour traffic

But, despite this, they were all snubbed in an announcement by Boris Johnson last month of 33 junctions to get major new improvements. The only south east London location chosen was the Woolwich Road roundabout.

Darren Johnson said: "Deptford Broadway is a complete nightmare for both pedestrians and cyclists, which urgently needs sorting out. The lack of pedestrian signals is unbelievable, as you see school children playing Russian roulette with several lanes of lorries, buses and cars."

He said: "The Mayor of London could turn this horrible, traffic-dominated junction into a big public space that local people could actually use. At present, the road is a barrier which divides the community and stops many people from even trying to cross.

"There is no point having a road that widens out into six lanes at one point when it turns back into two lanes further down the same road. It is disappointing that this has been dropped from the Mayor of London’s list of dangerous junctions because this junction needs a major overhaul not just minor tweaks.

News Shopper: Near miss - a still from the Lewisham Cyclists Deals Gateway video

"Road safety and creating nice outdoor spaces for people to spend time should be a priority for the mayor."

Jane Davis from Lewisham Cyclists said that, when they were making their videos, even motorists were complaining how dangerous Deals Gateway is.

She said: "It's a problem of priority. People coming out of Greenwich High Road don't realise they don't have priority and it leaves them stranded in the middle of the road."

And she said of Depford Broadway: "It's just a massive, massive junction where cars can get up to very high speeds. It's just horrendous."

She added: "It was surprising that, out of 33 chosen, they were nearly all north of the river. Especially as we're such a poorly served area for public transport."

A Transport for London spokeswoman said: "On top of the 33 junctions recently identified as part of our Better Junctions programme, we are still fully committed to delivering an extensive programme of improvements for all road users across London in the coming years, including at Deals Gateway."

Consultation is currently underway on adding new road markings to the junction. Visit the TfL website to have your say.

For more on Lewisham Cyclists visit their site.