An "extremely aggressive" turtle was found abandoned in Dartford yesterday (March 25).

The animal was discovered in a polystyrene box on Hawley Road at 5.45am and it is not known where he came from.

The common snapping turtle - measuring 14in long and 10in wide – was rescued by staff from Dartford-based Artesian Rare Breeds.

Manager Wayne May told News Shopper the animal would not be re-homed because of his volatile nature and it could have "devastated" local wildlife whilst on the loose.

Mr May said: "He's extremely aggressive which is common behaviour for this species.

"He will stay at our rescue for life as we feel there unsuitable to re-home and would advise anyone not to abandon these and contact a suitable rescue to care for them.

"If this turtle found its way to a water course it could have been devastating for the local wildlife depleting ponds such as frogs and newts.

News Shopper: "Extremely aggressive" turtle found dumped in Dartford

"His current diet is fish and raw meat including prepared frozen reptile food, his lifespan will average at 30 years."

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