A Bromley woman who is “god of an alien race” claims she was engaged to Arsene Wenger in the 15th century, when she was Joan of Arc and he was the heir to the French throne.

Stephany Cohen, 53, supposedly a deity among the Cat People from the Canis Major system, also revealed Labour will win next year's general election.

She added aliens believe UKIP members are "misguided".

She told News Shopper: "Mr Wenger and I were engaged in a previous life.

“We had a romance when I was Joan of Arc and he was the Dauphine of France.

"He was the same man we know him to be today. Highly intelligent but very stubborn.

"His big problem is he never has a plan B. Arsenal will not win the Premier League this season because of that.

"Me and my spirit guides believe it will be Manchester City who will win the title."

Ms Cohen, of Durham Avenue, not only claims to be a god among Cat People, but also communicates with other alien races, including humanoid Grays and the half reptile, half alien Reptilians.

She said Cat People have close ties with the Labour party, standing for "fairness, honesty and hard work", while Reptilians, who are "interested in money and wealth", have been a guiding hand for the Conservatives.

The former police worker added: "The Cat People champion the poor and sick. We are pushing for a Labour victory in the next election and I believe we will achieve it.

"We stand for fairness, honesty and hard work.

"This is best for the future of the country and we will achieve it with Labour."

Ms Cohen also said her alien contacts believe UKIP will not play a significant role in 2015's general election.

She said: "We believe UKIP and their members are misguided.

“If any party excludes any other person, whether it’s on account of their age, gender, sexuality or anything else, we do not look upon that favourably.

"It is not what we are about.

"They are an unimportant factor in the election."