Sixty Blackheath youngsters have launched a campaign to provide clean water for deprived communities in Africa.

The Invicta Primary students came up with the idea after being taught about the consequences of dirty water by their teachers.

News Shopper: Blackheath Invicta Primary children raise money for Unicef UK using Zequs website

They are using the free fundraising website Zequs - which allows people to pledge money to projects in return for small rewards -  to raise £1,000 for charity Unicef UK.

And they have even contacted former pupil turned award-winning actor Daniel Day Lewis to enlist his support.

If successful, the cash would provide a water pump and 5,000 purification tablets for families who are not able to access clean water.

Teacher Alison Botham explained: "It is very much their own project, and sees them in control of their own learning. They have been checking our Zequs page every day to see the total going up - they’re all very savvy with how it works."

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