A secret Labour Party investigation - which nobody would confirm even existed - into the row over the behaviour of Greenwich Council's leader has found no further action is needed.

It follows a foul-mouthed voicemail left by leader Councillor Chris Roberts on the phone of a cabinet colleague who wanted to delay a decision on the Run to the Beat race, along with disputed claims he hurled keys at a cleaner who woke him up.

A Greenwich Labour investigation - which also focused on how the voicemail was leaked to News Shopper - let Coun Roberts off with a warning last year.

And now Greenwich chief whip Councillor Ray Walker has announced the London party and the national Constitutional Office have backed that decision.

Coun Walker, who led the initial local investigation, said: "As any necessary actions had been taken they decided that no further action was necessary."

Bizarrely, the London party and MP Sadiq Khan - Labour's shadow minister who publicly said the allegations about Coun Roberts would be investigated - never even admitted there was a regional inquiry taking place. Numerous calls and emails to them from News Shopper this year have remained unanswered.

And in January the Deputy Leader of Greenwich Council Councillor Peter Brooks said he was unaware of any London Labour investigation taking place, despite the fact it was already underway.

Meanwhile, Coun Roberts has been unavailable to comment on the investigation's outcome.

He has also failed to respond to repeated questions about rumours he may stand again as leader of the party. He had previously announced he would stand down at the election.

However, it is understood a tumultuous few months may have killed off any plans for a comeback.