You may be surprised to hear there is a Dartford company helping fight the battle against terrorism by destroying bombs and chemical weapons across the globe. MELISSA HILLS finds out more.

I decided to head down to the Crossways Business Park near Bluewater to find out a little bit more about this unusual company and meet its CEO Dr Wolfgang Gödel .

Dynasafe is an international organisation that specialise in the removal and management of UXO (Unexploded Ordnance), chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear explosives and other hazardous materials on land and under water.

They are employed by governments, the United Nations, oil and mining companies and commercial and energy companies to undertake this important work.

The Dartford headquarters of Dynasafe is where much of the project management and co-ordination for demining and battle area clearance takes place.

I quickly found out that they are one of the world's leading companies 'making the world a safer place' as put by Dr Gödel providing an extensive range of unique services.

Dr Gödel said: "Our main aim is to minimise and eliminate the risk posed by mines and unexploded bombs and ammunitions.

"We have the unique capability of offering a full range of services to a client.

"We provide area clearance by searching areas for land mines and bombs.

"We provide counter terrorism equipment such as blast proof steel chambers for safe handling of terrorist devices or suspicious objects and we also build the plants for the destruction of bombs and ammunition.

"One of our most recent projects was destroying chemical weapons left behind by Colonel Gaddafi in Libya.

"Our experts designed a munition disposal plant, which was then delivered at a secret location in the desert. In Libya, our engineers supervised the operation of the plant.

"There are no other companies across the globe which can offer this service.

"We have a complete solution to getting rid of explosive devices.

"We have made about 20 of plants worldwide which are used to safely dispose of these and other weapons."

One of the company’s biggest area clearance projects is currently going on in Mozambique where more than 1000 people are employed.

Dr Gödel added: "We employ local people in the countries we are working. It's important we contribute to the economies of where we are working." Dynasafe is also working in Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan and in the Falklands.

Dartford MP Gareth Johnson recently visited the site and said: "This is a fascinating company and something unique that Dartford can be proud of.

"They carry out vitally important work on the world stage.

"I met with their enthusiastic and dedicated staff who told me about their work disarming weapons and diffusing bombs and incendiary devices both here in the UK and worldwide.

"They are also involved with disposing of chemical weapons.

"I am delighted to hear they are involved in such important work.

"The disposal of chemical weapons is imperative to making the world a safer place and it is great news to see a Dartford-based company recognised internationally."