Thinking about redecorating a room but feeling at a loss as to where to start? Confused between magenta and magnolia? Follow these tips to help make colour decisions you won’t regret.

When looking for colour inspiration I first think about the mood of the room.

Do you want a calm living space, or do you want it to feel warm and friendly?

Cool colours - those with a bias towards the blue and green spectrum - will help create a serene mood whilst warm colours, with red and yellow tones, will give a more intimate, cosy feeling to a room. 

Even white paint can have a subtle hint of colour that will bias towards cool or warm tones, and you must consider this if choosing a white for skirting boards and ceilings.

You should also consider the position of the room and the quality of daylight.

A north facing room will feel darker and colder so you may want to use a yellow based colour to add visual warmth. Alternatively use deeper colours with red tones to add drama.

The size of the room should also be a factor in your decision – generally smaller rooms will work well in paler tones, and larger rooms can take brighter, deeper colours.

Finally take your colour cues from the furnishings in the room – an inspiring piece of artwork, or a stunning patterned rug can form the basis of the colour scheme and become the focal point in the room.

Once you have decided on your paint colour ALWAYS buy tester pots and paint a large piece of lining paper with a minimum of two coats of paint.

Pin this to the walls in different places around the room so you can see how the shade works in sunny and dark areas, and how it changes in electric light.

Go on – get colouring!

Jeni Madden, owner of JMdesign provides affordable interior design consultancy, and can be contacted at or on 020 8462 1572.