ANGRY mothers have revealed they are being forced to carry buggies over car bonnets just to get their children into school.

Oakfield Community Primary School in Oakfield Lane, Dartford is experiencing ongoing parking problems with parents parking on the yellow lines and the crossing outside the school.

Annoyed parents have complained to the school and Dartford Council calling for measures to be put in place to stop this happening.

Mother-of-two Nicola Taylor, 26, from Dartford, said 'something drastic needs to happen" for the council to act.

She said: "The cars are parked so far over the footpath that I have to carry my buggy over their bonnets to get passed.

"Its a ridiculous situation. Children have nearly been hit, the parents driving don’t seem to care for the pedestrians - be it parents or children.

"The school has been battling to get the council to do something but it seems like something drastic needs to happen for them to act."

Jenny Mount, 40, of Cedar Road, Dartford, added: "I’ve got a little boy in reception and it does hinder us as the cars park so close.

"My little boy has hit his head on car wing mirrors twice now.

"I've even been bumped by a car pulling in. People park where they want, there’s no respect for anyone. It’s so dangerous, it’s getting silly now."

Dawn Funge, head of school, told the News Shopper: "We’ve tried to resolve this on numerous occasions.

"We have contacted PCSOs who have spoken to parents about their inconsiderate parking.

"We have been in touch with the council and as a school there is not a lot more we can do. It’s a difficult situation."

Jeremy Kite, leader of Dartford Council, said: "A number of schools report that some people seem to forget the basics of safe parking when it comes to the school run.

"I have a great deal of sympathy for schools who have an overriding desire to keep their kids safe.

"Having tried both the carrot and stick over the years it sadly seems that only the stick might prove effective.

"We have proposed introducing camera technology for use exclusively outside schools but this itself raises lots of issues and it's important we retain the support and approval of both schools and the vast majority of parents.

"I hate to see the use of cameras just to generate cash from motorists but the roads outside schools are one place where they may be the right solution.

"In the meantime though, people parking around schools really have to take responsibility for their actions and think about the consequences of an accident they might be responsible for."

Although not directly responsible for the situation, a Kent County Council spokesman added: "We are aware of the problems at Oakfield Community Primary School.

"We are currently running a trial with schools in Dartford and Gravesend to make the children aware of the problems and make them part of the campaign.

"We have sent out leaflets and a DVD with sample letters schools can send out to parents and different ideas of how they can raise awareness.

"If a school wants help we are here and trying to help."