AN ORPINGTON man got so drunk after a funeral that he woke up in Amsterdam, with no idea how he'd got there.

James O'Kane, of Park Avenue, spent January 29 attending a friend's funeral in Eltham, before heading to the Queen's Head pub in Orpington.

The 22-year-old later went to Croydon, but from there things get a little hazy.

Mr O'Kane, who works in Sainsbury's in Locksbottom, told News Shopper: "I can't remember that much after that but I know I was thinking I had to do something.

"Next thing I knew, I woke up when someone started tapping me on the shoulder. It was an air hostess.

"Then there came the announcement: 'We have now arrived at Amsterdam'.

"I thought: 'what the hell have I done'."

News Shopper:

At around 4am Mr O'Kane had taken a taxi from Croydon to Gatwick Airport, before booking a £232 British Airways return flight to Amsterdam.

He had taken his passport out that evening to use as ID.

The former Orpington College student said: "I was quite upset and angry with myself when I woke up.

"I was scared. I had never been abroad on my own before.

"It was freezing. I had no money, nowhere to stay, no underwear, not even toothpaste.

"I hadn't brought my glasses and I can't see very well without my glasses.

"I called my mum and she booked me a hotel to stay in while I was there.

"In the end I tried to enjoy the experience. I did a lot of wandering about.

"I visited a lot of places but I was a bit lonely."

News Shopper:

Mr O'Kane stayed in Amsterdam for two nights, before returning home on February 1.

He added: "In the end I was happy to finally get home.

"I hardly slept while I was there because I was quite scared.

"I was meant to be in work. My manager found out on Facebook and he wasn't happy.

"Overall I'm glad I did it. I'll be telling people this story for the rest of my life."