SCORES of people want to be classed as Greenwich residents instead of Deptford - saying the SE8 postcode is driving up their insurance premiums and keeping down their house prices.

So far 67 people have signed the petition asking Royal Mail to give them an SE10 postcode.

Founder Dan Price wrote: "The border between Deptford and Greenwich runs along Watergate Street (crossing Creek Road).

"The border of the SE8/SE10 postcode runs along Deptford Creek. Citizens in this area are consistently effected by late/missing deliveries, higher insurance premiums etc.

"We all pay a higher rate of Council Tax to Greenwich, yet we are treated by the world as Deptford because of the power of the postcode."

Signatories have claimed they are being misrepresented, the postcode is confusing and it affects their credit ratings.

John Leo wrote: "Everything about the area is Greenwich, except the post code."

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