A WOMAN is outraged at three lingerie-clad mannequins in the window of Debenhams, Bromley, claiming they are "inappropriate" and bad for teenagers.

Audrey Baxter says the mannequins - viewable from the road outside intu Bromley - just provide "extra titillation", adding "we have to hold up a bit of decency".

The 50-year-old said: "I am not very happy with Debenhams in Bromley.

"When you go through the main door there are three models looking at you in very scanty bra and pants.

"I have spoken to the manager a couple of times - it is inappropriate.

"We have got to look after our teenagers.

"Young women are always worrying about their body image these days. Girls of eight are now anorexic.

"And men just stand there and stare at them."

News Shopper:

Ms Baxter, of High Street, Bromley North, says she thinks putting the mannequins in such a prominent part of the store is unnecessary, and they would be better placed behind a partition in the lingerie section.

She said: "You don't need to have them on display at the front of the shop.

"When I spoke to the manager he said 'well of course, it is Valentines Day, men like to buy things'.

"But what is wrong with pretty little nighties?

"I complained about the same thing in Easter last year and he said 'of course, it is Easter'.

"We are trying to boost our children up. We have got to hold up a bit of decency.

"I have talked to many, many teenagers and they have said 'I don't think it is necessary'.

"It is not Ann Summers. It just provides extra titillation. Men stand there waiting for their wives."

A spokeswoman for Debenhams said: "Lingerie is one of Debenhams' most successful departments and a growing area of our business.

"All of our different departments, including lingerie, are featured in our windows so that our customers can see the full range of what we have on offer.

"Debenhams takes body image very seriously. In fact, we were the first retailer to introduce size 16 mannequins into our stores and we have an extensive plus-sized lingerie offer.

"We have never had complaints of this nature before and are very mindful to display our lingerie in a tasteful way that is family friendly."