ST PAUL'S Cray recycling plant Waste4Fuel is on fire yet again this morning (January 23) with residents complaining of a “dreadful stench” coming from the rubbish mound.

Twenty-one firefighters from Sidcup, Eltham and Orpington are battling the blaze at the Cornwall Drive site. They were called out at 7.22am.

This week, News Shopper called for action over the plant, which has seen ten fires in the past year, and has run up costs to the fire brigade of £560,000.

Maxine O’Connor, 67, who lives in nearby Sevenoaks Way, told News Shopper: “It is on fire again.

“The smoke and the fumes are dreadful. We have had a terrible stink coming since Monday.

“The stench and the sight of it is disgraceful.

“There’s a height of at least 40 to 45 feet of rubbish.

“Cornwall Drive is running alive with rats.

“It is supposed to be a recycling plant.

“It’s toxic. People who live here are fed up.”