THE dad of a murdered 14-year-old schoolboy in Lee has slammed “failings” in the Met, social services and at his son’s school during a two-month hunt for the missing teenager.

Kevin Ssali was stabbed on a bus in Lee Green on September 15 2012 by New Cross 18-year-old Roree Cox who was found guilty of his murder on January 15.

News Shopper: Kevin Ssali was stabbed as he got off the 202 bus in Lee last night

The Crown Wood College pupil, who lived with his mother Clemence Mudage in South Norwood, and commuted to Eltham, had been missing for two months before the attack.

Kevin’s father Sewa Ssali, who says failings emerged during the trial, said: “There were a lot of failings and we would like to bring that to light to avoid anything like that happening.

“There were a lot of mistakes made, by the police, by the social services, by the school.”

The 55-year-old, who temporarily lives in Lee High Road, claims his son turned up at school shortly after he went missing but his family were not told and he was allowed to leave again.

He said: "They just let him walk out of the school. Nobody knew where he had been staying for that week. What kind of responsibility was that?"

News Shopper: Floral tributes to Kevin Ssali have been left in Burnt Ash Road

Mr Ssali also slammed the Met for allegedly losing his son’s picture and blamed the Olympics for a lack of proper investigation.

He said: "Generally, they claim they couldn’t do the best they could because the Olympics was taking place.

"I will pray no other event comes to London because if something terrible happens and the police can’t respond as they should, it could end in disaster."

A spokesman for the Met, which launched an investigation into the case following complaints, said: “There were no recommendations of misconduct on the part of any officer but there are areas of learning for both individuals and the organisation which will be acted upon.”

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is currently processing an appeal to the conclusion of the Met investigation.

Family friend Clive Knight says his family told Greenwich Council the missing boy was staying in Barnfield Gardens, Plumstead, but claims nothing was done.

The 60-year-old said: “My niece told somebody at Greenwich social services exactly where he was and then a week later the poor boy was dead.

“Nobody did anything until it was too late.”

A Greenwich Council spokeswoman said: “The Royal Borough of Greenwich would like to express again our deepest sympathies for Kevin’s friends and family.

“Before his tragic death, any information about Kevin’s circumstances received by the Royal Borough of Greenwich was passed to the local authority where he lived.”