IT WAS supposed to be a night in with a tasty kebab - but this Charlton family ended up vomiting in the toilet after discovering a cockroach lurking in their pitta bread.

Westley Powell was at home in Little Heath with his wife and mum when they ordered three kebabs, chips and drinks from the Surprise takeaway in Plumstead High Street.

There were no problems with two of the meals and Mr Powell had chomped through most of his own delicious doner before making a shocking discovery - there was a dead bug hidden beneath the last two slices of meat.

The 22-year-old dad-of-one explained: "I'd pretty much finished but something told me to look more carefully at my food and there it was - a dead cockroach.

"As soon as I looked at it I knew it was some sort of bug. I Googled it just to see."

Mr Powell, who hopes he didn't wolf down any more bugs before he made the discovery and whose mum and wife had already finished their meal, added: "To be quite honest with you it made me physically sick.

"My mum looked at it and went to the toilet and started puking up.

"It wasn't really a good experience.

News Shopper: A snap of the cockroach lying in Mr Powell's pitta

"Ever since that night I can't eat a kebab. Just thinking about it is making me cringe."

Mr Powell, who took the kebab back to the shop, said: "When we confronted them about it, they said 'it's not a cockroach, it's a bug'."

He managed to get his money back but both he a 44-year-old mum Jane Elliott complained to Greenwich Council.

Mr Powell said: "We just thought, what if it happens to somebody else? We had to report them."

As News Shopper reported last week, a health inspection visit to Surprise last September - after Mr Powell's experience - found more roaches in the storeroom and freezers.

News Shopper: Surprise! Plumstead takeaway inspection finds cockroaches

Owner Safiullah Osmanzay was found guilty at Bromley Magistrates’ Court on January 7 of breaching food hygiene regulations and was fined £2,250 and ordered to pay a further £1,500 in costs.

A worker at the takeaway, who would identify himself only as 'Noor', told News Shopper: "There's not cockroaches anymore.

"Everything's killed."