When he heard speed dating was set to be given a snap-happy twist in New Eltham, News Shopper singleton Tim MacFarlan whacked on his afro wig and headed into battle.

THERE comes a point in the life of every single person when speed dating starts to seem a viable option.

Instead of the familiar one-on-one, room full of tables set-up, New Eltham’s Beehive pub played host to a photo booth for the night.

The idea is to loosen the tongue – and the morals – by popping each potential pair of lovebirds in the booth in silly get-up and seeing what happens.

You can take a few pictures, make a short video and do whatever you have to do behind the curtain before it’s someone else’s turn.

When everyone’s put a tick or a cross besides the names of each person they’ve shared a booth with, any matches get an envelope containing snaps of them with that special someone they might just end up going on a non-speed date with. 

On my night in front of the camera there was only one match from the group – lucky Terry and an Arsenal fan whose “missus would kill me” if we named him the paper.

Suffice to say the pair won’t be joining each other to enjoy the complementary wine, flowers, and Indian meal for two which were their prizes.

So how did your intrepid reporter and actual singleton get on?

Poor Terry was unfortunate enough to share a booth with me though apparently I got the balance between asking too many questions and not enough “just right”.
After that came Ann who managed to disguise how underwhelmed she was with class and dignity.

Finally it was Corinne’s turn in her cowboy hat and I fancy she was quite impressed by the afro wig and ginger stubble combination which greeted her.

Unfortunately the ladies were all a bit out of my age range so matches were there none.

As All Star Photo Booth owner Jayson Hall says, “what goes on in the booth stays in the booth.”

My top tip? Don’t accidentally ask one of the bar staff running the night for her number in front of her boyfriend.

Visit allstarsphotobooth.co.uk or find them on Facebook.