MYSTERY remains over a paraplegic man’s death in Swanscombe.

Frank Mehr, 45, was found dead in his Childs Crescent home on February 20.

An inquest at Gravesend Old Town Hall heard how he was discovered on the bed by a policeman after neighbours said they had not seen Mr Mehr for two weeks.

The cause of death was given as cardiac arythmia (irregular heartbeat) as a result of amitriptyline toxicity, a drug commonly given for depression.

Mental health nurse Ashburn Svinurai said: "He had suffered from depression but said he had stopped heroin and was using alcohol instead.

"He had a spinal injury in September 2012 which left him a paraplegic and he had been in custody before."

Coroner Roger Hatch told the inquest on December 4: "There is not sufficient evidence he took his own life. I will record an open conclusion."