A GREENWICH Labour inquiry into bullying allegations against the council leader following a voicemail left on a colleague's phone has concluded.

Chief Whip Councillor Ray Walker, who led the investigation, said the results would be revealed at the next Labour group meeting on Monday (December 16).

News Shopper understands council leader Councillor Chris Roberts - recorded telling Councillor John Fahy to "get that through your f***ing thick skull" over decisions on Run to the Beat - has been let off with a warning.

Cllr Walker refused to confirm what action had been taken or what conclusion had been reached but said: "I don't believe there's a bullying culture, it's as simple as that."

The councillor, who was speaking after new allegations were made about the leader throwing keys at a cleaner - strongly denied by Cllr Roberts and the council - added: "I'm not so certain this isn't people just trying to jump on a bandwagon.

"If you talk to most councillors, there's no bullying culture."

He said the party procedures would allow for warnings but stronger action like removal of office or removal of the whip would require a special meeting of the whole group, acting on recommendations by group officers. Councillor Rajwant Sidhu underwent such a hearing when the whip was removed from him earlier this year.

And Cllr Walker confirmed rumours that a separate inquiry was still going on into how the voicemail got into the public domain in the first place.

Asked to justify this, he said: "We'd expect councillors to deal with the party rather than issue it out through the media if you like.

"Those are the sort of standards we expect."