A TRAFFIC warden assaulted in an alleged racist attack has slammed police for failing to prosecute his assailants.

Karl Keen was on the beat in Hillsgrove Close, Welling, at around 5.30pm on November 24 where a group of cars were illegally parked across dropped kerbs.

The 35-year-old says he began ticketing the vehicles when around seven partygoers emerged from a gathering at one of the houses and began threatening him.

After Mr Keen called for back-up he claims he was dragged away, kicked and punched before two of his colleagues arrived to find him on the floor "screaming for his life".

The Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) says his chief attacker spewed racist abuse at him while his fellow warden, who is of Asian origin, looked on in horror. 

Mr Keen told News Shopper: "The guy shouted 'Are you sucking your black African boss’s c**k?’ "They were basically saying I was a black man’s pet.

"He was saying ‘You’re not going to leave this close alive; you’ll be in a coma'.

"I was screaming for my life, screaming down the radio ‘Get the police'."

But Mr Keen's attacker claims the CEO was rude and ruined his daughter Alena's 14th birthday party by ticketing her uncle's car.

News Shopper:

Mr Mehmet, right, claims his daughter Alena was left traumatised after seeing her dad taken away by police during her birthday party. 

Huseyin Mehmet, 49, told News Shopper: "I did say that about his boss but that was after he called me a b**tard and said he was going to ticket 'all the foreigners' cars'.

"He was screaming 'all the foreigners are attacking me' when he was running down the street.

"I don't regret what I said. Why should I? He should not have been stubborn and ignorant."

Mr Mehmet says the close they have lived in for nearly 12 years was never a target for wardens until last month.

The MOT tester and father-of-two added: "I've lived in this country all my life and paid my taxes but now I've got someone coming and taking the p**s out of the neighbourhood.

"There were about 20 residents out there because he first came round on Remembrance Sunday and got everyone's backs up.

"It's a private close and there are no signs or yellow lines and we don't have parking permits."

Bexleyheath resident Mr Keen claims his radio was snatched and thrown over the fence into the grounds of nearby Hillsgrove Primary School after he used it to call for help.

News Shopper:

The Mehmets claim Alena’s uncle’s car was ticketed for being parked on on a dropped kerb across the road from their house in Hillsgrove Close.

The CEO is unhappy Mr Mehmet has only been punished with a caution. He said: "I have got bruising to my arms where I was grabbed and to my kidneys.

"The only reason I have come to the papers is I am frustrated with the lack of support.

"Had this been a police officer or PCSO that was attacked I've no doubt the offenders would be facing serious charges."

A Bexley police spokesman confirmed a 49-year-old man has been cautioned for common assault while officers are investigating whether to caution or charge others who may have been involved.

The spokesman declined to comment on Mr Keen’s other allegations.

A spokeswoman for the warden's employers NSL Services Group said: "We will always push for the strongest penalty for those who abuse our colleagues.

“We have a good, positive relationship with the local police, and shall continue to discuss these – thankfully infrequent – incidents with them."

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