WHENEVER Wagon Wheels make an appearance there’s always someone who pipes up that they’ve got smaller over the years. Quite often it’s me who says it.

The chocolate, biscuit and marshmallow treat has been around for more than 60 years and has become a lunchbox favourite and snack cupboard staple during that time.

Although there are no known cases of hostilities breaking out, the issue of whether Wagon Wheels have shrunk over time is something which can create debate.

Some will insist they have most definitely decreased in size while others will claim any perceived reduction is all in the mind.

Burton’s Biscuit Company, which produces Wagon Wheels, has this to say on the subject: “Contrary to popular belief, Wagon Wheels have not actually got smaller, most often our first Wagon Wheel experience is in childhood and hence our hands are much smaller.”

Which side are you on? Are you happy to believe the claim Wagon Wheels have stayed the same size or do you think there is mischief afoot and they are being made smaller now than they used to be?

Roll with it and post your comments below.

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