MYSTERY surrounds a ‘tornado’ which damaged a Mottingham house – but seemingly left all others untouched.

Stuart Hall was recuperating in his parents’ house after a knee operation when he heard the sound of the wind howling in the chimney.

He then saw leaves and twigs smashing against the windows of the property in Grove Park Road.

And when his parents returned home from shopping they noticed several of the heavy ridge tiles at the back of their home had been lifted off, with one smashing through next door’s conservatory.

Mr Hall, from St Leonard’s on Sea, said: “The noise of the wind got louder and louder and louder and it was like someone was shaking the trees.

“But within 30 seconds it was all over and it was as if nothing had happened, everyone was walking past and it must have just hit the house.”

The 53-year-old’s father Dennis has contacted his insurance company as the ‘tornado’ caused around £1,300 damage to the roof (pictured below) when it struck last Wednesday (November 20) lunchtime.

News Shopper: Tiles were torn off the roof of the Mottingham house

But he says he was told they will not pay as there were no reports of any high winds in the area at that time.

Because of this he is carrying out house to house enquiries to find out if any other properties were affected.

The 83-year-old said: “When we got through the front door we were met with this rather white face of my son and he said ‘we have had a mini tornado’.

“The insurance company said there wasn’t a wind but my mind turns to think ‘how does a piece of masonry come off a roof if it wasn’t windy?’.”

Did you witness the mini tornado? Was your house damaged? Email your details to the newsroom.