A ROAD safety operation which will see 2,500 Met Police officers on the streets of London to make busy junctions safer is being launched this morning (November 25).

Operation Safeway will see the officers police key junctions across London during morning and afternoon rush hours, where they will issue fixed penalty notices to people who commit traffic offences.

The policemen and women will also be offering guidance and handing advisory leaflets to those whose behaviour they see is putting them or others at risk of harm on the roads.

This includes pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, large vehicle drivers and car drivers.

A total of 166 key junctions have been identified based on how many collisions take place there, and will be prioritised accordingly.

Around 650 officers will be at 60 sites across London today alone, with the number of officers and sites set to rise as the operation progresses.

The operation is being jointly run by the Met’s traffic command and safer transport command units.

Superintendent Rob Revill, from the safer transport command, said: "This operation will be intensive and far-reaching.

“Our aim is to reduce the appalling number of people who die or are injured on London's roads each year.

“Every road death is a needless tragedy that wreaks devastation for the victim's friends and family.

“Every serious injury is life-changing and distressing.

"We are doing this by enforcing traffic legislation robustly and at every opportunity.

“Traffic and safer transport officers will be out in force, and even officers who don't specialise in traffic policing will be watching and dealing accordingly with anyone they see breaking the law.

"We will also be educating the public at interactive events and talking to anyone we see acting dangerously on or about the roads.

"We welcome the recent debate around road safety but it is irrefutable that the Met and the public have a duty to ensure that we all take the very best care on the roads."

What do you think are the worst road junctions in south-east London? What do you think should be done to make them safer? Add your comments below.