A MUM-OF-FOUR has removed around 70 fake Locksmith stickers off houses in her street after fearing they had been left by burglars following a London-wide scare.

Suzanne Morris, 46, learned about the suspected crime craze yesterday (Nov 18) after reading an online notice and then realised her whole street, Royal Oak Road, was riddled with them as were surrounding streets.

News Shopper has received other reports from other Bexley residents saying they have seen the stickers on houses in the area.

It is believed burglars have been targeting properties with stickers advertising 24/7 Locksmith services with a dud telephone number which instead marks the house as an easy target.

The Met Police said it is still working to establish a link between the stickers which have been posted across London and burglaries but has urged residents to report any sightings.

Ms Morris said: “I was in most of the day and saw this notice on Wandsworth council website and mentioned it to my neighbour who said they had removed their already.

“I put my head out and saw all the houses on the street had them.

"I went down and removed them all – there were about 70 houses with them.

“They were exactly the same as the notice I’d seen which says about a 24/7 locksmith but the last four digits were different. When you call the number there’s no reply.”

The full-time mum is concerned people might miss the labels.

She said: “They’re not very easy to see - we’re all a bit worried. It’s scary.”

A Met Police spokesman said: "We are aware of stickers giving details for a locksmith being left on a number of properties across London.

"The telephone number given does not connect.

"We have received a number of calls from members of the public reporting such stickers and are working to establish exactly where the stickers have been found and if they are linked to any burglaries.

"At this stage we are only aware of one burglary, in Wandsworth, that has taken place at a property that has a sticker.

"However, we cannot confirm the property was burgled because it had a sticker."

He added: "We would urge residents to be vigilant and report any sightings of stickers to their Safer Neighbourhood Team."

For more information, visit met.police.uk