DID you know the baddies in pantomime should always enter from the left and goodies from the right?

Or that you should never whistle on stage because this used to be a sign for the curtain to come down?

Neither did Vibe so we were delighted to learn more from the stars of Cinderella which comes to Bromley’s Churchill Theatre later this month.

Dancing on Ice 2013 finalist and EastEnders star Matt Lapinskas will lead the cast as Prince Charming.

He said: “I’m just excited about getting going because it’s my first every panto job and it was amazing to try on the costume.

“I still love TV after being in EastEnders and I still skate regularly but my dream is to work with Guy Ritchie.”

Meanwhile Nickelodeon star Anna Williamson, who will play Cinderella, has revealed the hidden conventions of the art form.

The presenter, whose first panto job was in 1999, said: “The baddy always enters from the left and the fairy from the right, they never cross their side of the stage because it represents the fight between good and evil.

“You should never whistle on stage because that was the old sign for the curtain, which was an old fly-cloth, to come down.

“Panto dates back from the 1880s so there’s a rich history.

“When I saw my first production, I was mesmerised by the words and music and it’s from there I got my love for musical theatre.”

Anna has always had many strings to her bow and explained how there were many other jobs before her television career.

She said: “I had different jobs before I went into showbiz – I cleaned toilets, worked in McDonalds, worked behind the bar.

“Recently I also learned counselling after receiving some because I suffered panic attacks.

“They helped me and now I’m a volunteer counsellor and I’m now counsellor and key spokesperson for Childline, one of my proudest roles.”

Meanwhile Andy, who plays PC Plum in the BAFTA Award-winning Balamory (CBeebies) is looking forward to the running around which comes from playing Buttons.

The panto veteran explained: “The costume is a bit tight but that might be because I’ve just been having some pastries.

“I always lose weight during panto season as well because it’s so intense and I often play characters where there’s lots of running around.

“Because we do two shows a day, it’s very strenuous and I always have a 30-minute lie down in my
dressing room after the first one just to re-charge and then after the second one, I’m on a high.

“I’ve always wanted to play Buttons and I’ve been bugging organisers for years to have the part.

“I’d also love to be Doctor Who but there’s no chance of that now they’ve got another Scot doing it. I’m too nice to take anyone’s job off them.”

Cinderella is playing at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley High Street from November 29 to January 5 and tickets cost from £15.

For more information, call 0844 871 7620 or visit atgtickets.com/bromley