A SIDCUP mum has got the hump after discovering the 10p sweets she had bought for her kids were "disgusting" Camel Balls.

Sarah Phillips, of Harman Drive, purchased the chewing gum on Tuesday (Nov 12) from a 7-Eleven store in the Sidcup Oval.

It was only on returning home she noticed the "liquid filled" confectionery had a picture of a grinning camel exposing its nether regions and felt taken for a ride.

The 41-year-old said: "I think it’s disgusting.

"I was shocked when I discovered it said Camel Balls – I thought it said Caramel Balls in the shop.

"I only went in to buy some chewing gum and noticed some kids’ 10p sweets so I thought I’d buy 10 for my two children.

"If I’d given it to them they could have taken them into school and then I am the mum who gave kids a sweet with a pair of balls on it."


News Shopper: The camel can be grinning and exposing its testicles

The mum-of-two does not understand why they seem to be targeted at youngsters.

She said: "They are children, why do they need to look at a camel with a big pair of balls?

Liquid filled

"It says on the packet they are 'liquid filled'. I don’t want that kind of conversation with my kids.

"I can’t believe they were designed to be sold to children. I would not want that kind of conversation at school.

"I just can’t understand how they got to where they are. Don’t they have to be vetted?

"My husband thought it was hilarious and there is a funny side but I still think it’s wrong."

Mrs Phillips thinks the confectionery should be pulled out of shops.

She said: "I think they should be taken away from shops.

"I told Bexley Council and they said they don’t have the resources to cover it any longer."

"People might just say it’s a bit of fun but I just don’t get it."

The UK managing director of Fini Sweets U.K. Ltd, Paul Southam, said: "I am sorry your reader has failed to see the somewhat humorous side of this product, however I do fully understand the need for freedom of speech when a parents feels protective against her young ones.

"In this day and age we all see lots of horrific sights and hear lots of vulgar language, and like me, your reader has quite rightfully intervened in voicing her opinion regarding this Spanish best seller. 

"Pre-launch I was somewhat hesitant whether or not to launch into the UK, however, I was assured that the product is exported to over 80 countries without any problem."

Three letters of complaint

He added: "We had three letters of complaint, which are all fully understandable, however, the parents of these children did see the funny side to a degree.

"Novelty products such as these have a very short ‘life date’, in so much as they disappear as fast as they come, however, Camels Balls keeps going from strength to strength for some untold reason."