STINKING water has been "pouring" into the homes of a group of Thamesmead housing association tenants "like a river".

That’s according to Susan Charles, 57, and neighbour Sharon Easson, 41, who claim the ground floors of their maisonettes in Maran Way have been inundated for more than six weeks.

The two storey properties have balconies outside their front doors on the third floor of the housing block where work is being carried out to make them more eco-friendly.

But contractors working for Gallions Housing Association have failed to deal with a leak affecting up to seven homes, according to Miss Easson.

She told News Shopper: "When it rains it pours in like a river every 10 minutes.

News Shopper:

Julia Ivanova and Arturs Ivanovs with their wet floor. 

"I’m literally heaving at the smell because it’s like dead fish. They are just doing the work we didn’t want them to do in the first place but, as a tenant paying full rent, you just have to lump it."

The mother-of-two, a full time carer for her 12-year-old son Liam who has severe learning difficulties, says she has had to pull up the mould-ridden laminate flooring in her front room and hallway.

Mrs Charles has left her engineered wood flooring down for now, despite it being soaked in "stinking pond water".

The grandmother-of-six said: "We can’t just live in sopping wet houses. People’s floors are being ripped up and it’s not right.

"They are supposed to be making it energy efficient and eco-friendly but they might as well put us outside."

News Shopper:

Sharon Easson has had to pull up her floor. 

A Gallions spokeswoman said: "There have been a number of unforeseen cases where water has managed to penetrate into the living room of some properties.

"We are very aware of inconvenience that this has caused for those residents affected.

"Our contractor is working as hard as possible to find and block the source of the leaks and we are providing a dehumidifier for each of the affected properties and have agreed to compensate any affected residents by providing replacement floor coverings.

"If people do not feel they can stay in their flats we are offering to arrange bed and breakfast accommodation. To date, no residents have taken up this offer."

Boss's payoff criticised 

A Thamesmead homeowner has attacked Gallions over its decision to award its outgoing chief executive a six-figure payoff.

Con Lobo, 70, lives in Titmuss Avenue and pays estate charges to the housing association for the upkeep of the area around his home.

The grandfather-of-one is unhappy Tony Cotter was paid in the region of £400,000 when he was made redundant in September as the company prepares to be absorbed by fellow housing association Peabody.

A report by the Homes and Communities Agency downgraded Galllions’ governance rating by two notches over the deal, accusing the association of a lack of transparency.

Mr Lobo told News Shopper: "It’s very selfish of some people to sit on their big lump sums of money when others are struggling to make ends meet."

A Gallions spokeswoman said: "We cannot answer questions about Mr Cotter’s settlement.

"As is entirely standard in these situations, the legal agreement between Gallions and Mr Cotter requires both parties to keep details of the agreement confidential."