FOR today’s burning question we’re asking when is the right time for the countdown to Christmas to begin?

November 1 was like the opening of a festive floodgate, with a torrent of TV ads suddenly rushing out of our screens.

Months before this onslaught started and long before clocks went back for winter, shops were already filling their shelves with Christmas goodies ready to buy.

With November well under way it will probably only be another week or two before the first decorations and lights start appearing in people’s homes. Town centres’ light switch-ons will begin in earnest from the middle of the month.

Are you one of the people who get fed-up with the start of Christmas creeping further and further forward each year? Do you think it’s all just too commercial now? Are you bored of Christmas by the time it actually arrives?

Or do you think the earlier the Christmas countdown begins the better? Would you celebrate Christmas all year round if you could?

What is the right date for Christmas decorations to be put up?

Add your comments below.

By the way, may we be the first to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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