DARTFORD Civic Centre was evacuated on Saturday (Nov 2) after a metal detector enthusiast bought in an unexploded Second World War bomb.

Police sealed off the building for almost three hours after the man took in the shell which he had found in Otford.

A bomb disposal team was called in to destroy the device.

A British Army spokesman said: “It was a historic mortar bomb from the Second World War.

“It was actually a two-inch device but probably appeared bigger because it was covered with stuff because it was so old. It was destroyed at around 2.30pm.

“The important message is if people do find anything like this they should leave it well alone, call the police, and not take it into densely populated areas.”

A spokesman of Kent Police said: “Kent Police had to cordon off Dartford Civic Centre after a member of the public brought in a wartime shell.

“He said he had discovered the shell whilst out with his metal detector several days ago near Otford in Sevenoaks.

“Kent Police was advised at 11.20am and an Army bomb disposal team was called.

“The team took away the device and the police cordon was stood down just after 2pm.”

The incident follows the discovery of an unexploded bomb in a Dartford construction site on Thursday, which turned out to be empty.

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