TWO Downham next-door-neighbours are up in arms after one accused the other of hacking down her beloved wisteria.

Julie Jordan, of Capstone Road, says she came home last Wednesday (October 23) to find her revered flowering plant strewn over her lawn.

After bursting into tears, the 51-year-old confronted her neighbour, who she believed was responsible for the misdemeanour.

News Shopper:

She told News Shopper: "I have got a dispute with my neighbour.

"I have come home in the afternoon at around 3.30pm.

"When I walked into my kitchen I could see from the window what had happened.

"It looked as though there had been a storm in the garden.

"I couldn't believe it. She had hacked down my wisteria and thrown it all into my garden."

Grief-stricken, Ms Jordan called out to her neighbour.

The grandmother-of-eight said: "I was shouting in the garden. It really, really upset me. I was crying.

"What she had done, it wasn't necessary. I was really shocked. I shouted: 'I can't believe you have done this to my garden'.

"She was shouting from inside her house: 'This is your s**t.'

"I was disgusted. It is my wisteria.

"It is really nice; it looks nice, it blossoms three times a year.

"It is all over the place now, it is completely unstable. I can't believe it."

News Shopper:

 Neighbour Dawn Cremore, 50, retorted: "Basically it was all hanging over in my garden so I cut down. I am quite entitled to do that.

"I used cutters, I didn't use a saw like she accused me of using.

"Once I cut it I put it over her side - it is her stuff.

"She threw it back over. She had a shout at me and I had a shout at her.

"After that I just left it.

"She's nutty. It doesn't really surprise me that she's reacted like this."