GREENWICH campaigners have named and shamed some of the borough's most polluted roads - and warn a proposed new river crossing on the peninsula will only make things worse.

The No to Silvertown Tunnel group has published the shocking figures ahead of a big public meeting this week, after placing air pollution monitors on lamp posts at more than 50 roads near the A102 and A2 approaches to the Blackwall Tunnel.

They say traffic for a proposed new tunnel - which is backed by the Mayor of London and Greenwich Council - would also use these roads, adding to congestion and poor air quality.

At around half the monitored locations, concentrations of nitrogen dioxide, a pollutant which can cause respiratory problems, were above the European air quality regulation limit of 40 micrograms per cubic meter air (µg/m3).

Worst offenders were the Woolwich Road flyover, which came back with a result of 71 µg/m3, and the Pelton Road junction with Blackwall Lane, where new homes are being constructed, with 70 µg/m3.

Shopping areas like Westcombe Hill and Shooters Hill Road in Kidbrooke also fared poorly.

Nikki Coates from the group said: "Greenwich Council should know better than to go along with Boris Johnson’s plans to clog up our streets with his Silvertown Tunnel.

"Both our study and its own figures show how bad air pollution already is along the route - and extra traffic will make things worse.

"These tubes are relatively cheap and easy to put up and we think residents and local groups in Greenwich and in our neighbouring boroughs should be carrying out their own studies to put pressure on our politicians to take action against the lethal pollution in our air."

For more information, visit or the public meeting at the Forum, Trafalgar Road, Greenwich from 7pm on October 16.

News Shopper: Campaigner Ian Blore on Old Woolwich Road, beside Meridian Primary School

"Full assessment"

A Greenwich Council spokeswoman said new river crossings would cut congestion and unlock the area's economic potential.

She said: "The council, along with the local MP and GLA member, supports the package of crossings which includes the Silvertown link and a bridge at Gallions Reach.

"Nothing would be built without a full assessment of the environmental impact, including how these new structures would affect air quality and traffic levels.

"These studies will be undertaken by the Mayor of London who is the promoter of these schemes and we look forward to considering the economic and environmental impact assessments when completed."

A Transport for London spokeswoman pointed out there had been no increase in capacity across the river in this part of London for nearly 50 years.

She said: "We will undertake and publish detailed traffic and environmental impact information during the statutory consultation on the Silvertown Tunnel in 2014."

News Shopper: The campaign have put together this map, showing pollution hotspots (from Google Maps)

Worst offenders (in µg/m3) 

(European air quality regulation limit = 40 µg/m3)

Peartree Way / A102 - 70.55

Old Woolwich Road / Blackwall Lane - 69.72

Farmdale Road - 68.56

Woolwich Road / Rose of Denmark - 66.15

Shooters Hill Rd / Sun Lane - 59.76

Bramshot Ave (West) - 52.37

Blackheath Royal Standard - 51.88

Bugsby's Way / Southern Way - 50.05

Westhorne Ave / Pinnel Road - 49.97

Pilot Busway - 49.72