A PLANNED mobile phone mast has been described as an “assault on the memory one of Sidcup’s most historic buildings”.

Vodafone is looking to erect the 5m high installation on top of the Travelodge in the High Street which was built in place of the Black Horse pub after it was demolished in 2011.

The mobile phone giant is preparing to submit a planning application to install a radio base station on top of the hotel as the existing mast on Kingswood House in Sidcup Hill is set to be lost when the building is demolished.

The service provider claims the station is needed or mobile phones and other devices in the area “simply won’t work”.

Sidcup Community Group secretary Paul Laundy urged residents to submit their concerns to Vodafone before a planning application is submitted to Bexley Council on or after September 12.

He said: “Some will regard this as a further assault on the memory of one of Sidcup's few remaining historic buildings and a degradation of the semi-rural ambiance of The Green.

“Others will recognise that society's reliance on mobile communications means that transmission masts simply have to be erected somewhere in order to facilitate this.”

Travelodge developers Hillingdon Developments were ordered by Bexley Council in July to properly recreate the façade of the former boozer after it was ruled the structure they put in place did not reflect the pub as it was in 1897.

Recreating the front of the building from that period was a condition of planning permission being granted for the 84-bedroom hotel.

Views on the mast can be submitted to sidcupcommunitygroup@gmail.com to be passed on to Vodafone.