A PENSIONER was punched unconscious while trying to save his three small dogs from being mauled to death by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier in Bexleyheath.

Grandfather-of-four Terry Mitchell was befwalking his Jack Russells close to his home when the dog attacked Chaz, Rosie and Lucy in King Harolds Way.

As the 68-year-old desperately tried to prize his three pooches from the jaws of the rampaging Staffy he was thumped to the floor by its owner.

Mr Mitchell, of Barry Avenue, Bexleyheath, told News Shopper: "I was just innocently walking my dogs and all of a sudden: bosh he knocks me out sparko.

"I tried to kick the dog but it was difficult when you've got three on a lead.

"I was seeing stars. I got up and Rosie had passed out because she was so exhausted."

News Shopper:

An off-duty female police officer came to the rescue after witnessing the retired fishmonger’s terrifying ordeal at about 10.30pm on August 20, close to the junction with Westbourne Road.

He said: "The copper told him ‘you’re bang out of order, you’ve got the dog off the lead’."

Mr Mitchell suffered a black eye, a cut on his arm and leg while his three dogs were left shaken and Rosie being repeatedly sick.

The attacker, described as being about 40 years old, 5ft 6in and white, then went to help his victim who added: "While I was carrying Rosie back he walked my two other dogs home.

"He’s been very apologetic. He brought me a bloody bottle of whisky round to my house and treats for the dogs and said ‘I am very sorry, I lost it in the spur of the moment’."

The father of two has been shaken by the ordeal and couldn’t bring himself to eat for two days.

He said: "I want to make a statement that dogs should be kept on a lead.

"Staffs are naughty dogs - they’re muscley. My three little didn’t stand a chance."

The incident was reported to police but Mr Mitchell has decided not to press charges against his attacker.