A “KICK-ASS” Catford 80-year-old has taken on Lewisham Council after she was left without a carer for 12 days under new parking permit rules.

Partially-sighted Edna Lunt, of Nelgarde Road, says she felt abandoned after applications for parking permits – which she needs for her carer three times a week – moved online.

News Shopper: Edna Lunt,80 was left without a carer for 12 days after new parking permit rules

The grandmother-of-two, who does not have a computer and cannot see to dial a phone number, says the changes on August 1 left her without help and unable to have a bath for 12 days.

Mrs Lunt said: “I have just been abandoned. I have got nobody.

“They don’t care about older people. I feel like slitting my throat.

“I am annoyed more than anything.

“I am not a moaning, miserable old person.

“I get my life worked out so I can live with my disabilities and then somebody throws a spanner in the works."

She added: “Nobody realises the plight of the elderly.”

The former dancer, who suffers from glaucoma, used to get help filling in application forms for 10 parking passes in her local shops.

But under the new system, she has to call up three times a week to apply for one pass which she finds difficult and expensive as she has been kept waiting for half an hour at a time.

The mother-of-three claims friends helped her phone the council on numerous occasions about the problem, including Cllr Peggy Fitzsimmonds, but without any joy.

It was only after she contacted News Shopper yesterday (August 12), that a council worker got in touch to explain the new system and send her a complimentary parking pass so her carer could visit.

Mrs Lunt said: “At least I could get in the bath today. I got myself a bit sorted.

“They hand-delivered the pass within an hour, complimentary.

"They are dead scared. They need a bit of a kick-ass to wake them up.”

She added: “They should have told us about these changes. There are a lot of people that aren’t on the internet.”

Lewisham Pensioners’ Forum chairwoman Doris Smith slammed the move online and the difficulties it poses for older people who might not have internet access.

She said: “I think it is disgusting what this poor lady is having to go through.

“I think it is absolutely shameful.

“I think the system whereby they have to apply to get permits for their carers to park outside their houses is absolutely dreadful.

"It is an absolute burden for older people who could do without it.

“Older people probably haven’t got computers anyway and even if they have, it isn’t an easy task to do.

“It is taken for granted that everybody can use this new method and it isn’t right.”

A Lewisham Council spokeswoman said: “We will be looking into this matter and contacting Mrs Lunt directly.”

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