I am a local artist and teacher who has produced a book titled Urban Nature.

These site-specific artworks, documented at The Thamesmead Estate, are created digitally from pen studies of natural plants and wildlife. These are then printed onto self – adhesive paper and then placed in locations where urbanism and nature collide.

Most are removed after documentation so not to cause any damage or risk to widllife if they become detached.

I document the work through digital photographs and title them according to the plant or bird type and location as a way of classifying them.

Using wild plant and native bird keys I identify specific species that would naturally exist in the location.

The parakeets make a surprising addition along with the native birds but London and the South East are now home to many of these exotic birds.

There are many myths about how the parakeets came to be here but it is thought that they were initially from Africa and Asia and would have probably been imported as exotic pets and after escaping are now breeding.

To view the book and artworks visit www.lisacourtley.co.uk

Some prints are also displayed at the What If? art gallery, Dartford; a fantastic organisation for local artists wanting to sell their work.

Based on information supplied by Lisa Courtley.