A BEXLEYHEATH man woke up to find his girlfriend lying dead next to him in bed, an inquest heard.

Keeleigh Kinsella, 26, of Slade Green Road, had been out drinking with her boyfriend Aaron Reeve on April 7 this year when she returned to spend the night at his flat in Tower Road, Bexleyheath.

Her boyfriend had told the paramedics who responded to his 999 call the following day she could "barely stand up" when the couple returned home, before she necked "at least another bottle of wine."

But it was only when a friend of Mr Reeve started banging on the door of his flat just before 1pm on April 8 that he woke up, to find Miss Kinsella lying "lifeless and stiff in the bed next to him."

South London Coroner Dr Roy Palmer read a report written by paramedic Emily West, which recalled what she had been told by Mr Reeve when she arrived at the flat.

It read: "Mr Reeve said Miss Kinsella had been out the previous night drinking.

"He said she drunk so much he said she could barely stand up.

"She went to bed face down, sleeping on her front under the duvet."

Evidence from Detective Inspector Richard Noble, who attended at the scene at 2.25pm, read: "There was dry vomit on the sheet below the pillow and further stains further down the bed sheet.

"On the chest of drawers there was a bottle of wine three quarters full."

A post mortem examination showed there was 1.21 micrograms of methadone for every millilitre of Miss Kinsella’s blood.

The hearing heard how anything above 0.24 micrograms of methadone can be fatal and traces of tramadol and diazepam were also found in her bloodstream.

Recording a verdict of non-dependant abuse of drugs, Dr Palmer said: "This was a one off and sadly it didn’t go well for her.

"Whether she had been drinking, certainly by the time of the autopsy there was less than 10mg of ethanol in her blood.

"Probably it was methadone rather than alcohol that caused her to be unsteady on her feet."