A BUS driver who crushed a dog on a busy Bexleyheath road got out, looked at the dead animal and drove away, according to shocked witnesses.

The B11 bus was travelling along Longleigh Lane at around 8.25am on July 19 when it ran over the Collie dog before putting on its brakes.

Witnesses Laura Chester and Maria Sinclair say the driver and passengers got off the bus but rather than checking whether the dog was still alive, the driver got back on the bus and drove away.

Thirty-three-year-old Mrs Chester, who had just dropped her son at Brampton Primary School at the time, is now urging drivers driving on this road to slow down, warning "it could be a kid next time."

Recalling the "traumatic experience," she told News Shopper: "I stopped my car and jumped out to see if the dog was alive and made the gruesome discovery that the wheels had actually gone over its face.

"I looked up to see the driver of a bus that had pulled over and a number of passengers looking and I realised the bus had hit the dog.

"A car driver behind me started rudely using his horn.

"They hadn't even bothered to see why I had stopped - it could have been a child in the road."

She added: "I moved the dog to the pavement, realising as I did so the bus driver had driven away.

"It had never occurred to me that anyone would do such a thing.

"There were a large number of passers-by, but incredibly nobody had stopped to check the dog or offer assistance."

Along with 40-year-old Mrs Sinclair, Mrs Chester found the dog’s owner who was nearby and says he was "really shocked" when he was told the news.

Now the pair is calling for further measures to slow the traffic down in the road, which is close to several schools.

Mrs Chester said: "It is about time they put in a pelican crossing or tried speed bumps.

"I just feel like it could be a kid next time.

"You have got to almost stand in the road to see if there is anything coming."

Operations director for London Buses Mike Weston said: “We are aware of an incident on July 19 at around 8.30am where a Route B11 bus operated by Go-Ahead struck a dog on Longleigh Lane.

"The operator is investigating the incident to ensure that the correct procedures were followed in this case.”